DC’s Black Stone

DC’s Black Stone


Hook:  Mustad #6 wet nymph #9671

Thread:   Black

Weight:  .025”  No-Lead or Lead wire

Antenna:  Black goose Biots

Dubbing: Black Stone Antron

Ribbing: Smoke Larva Lace

Legs: Black round rubber or craft store “Jelly Roll”

Wing Case: Black plastic (craft store) .010” thick

                    (could substitute black 1/16” black craft foam)

  1. Wrap a thread base on hook even with hook barb.
  2. Tie in back antenna (remember-should be longer than front antenna).
  3. Tie in front antenna.
  4. Wrap lead from back to front-completely cover thread base to 1/8” of eye.

(if you are going to fish a swift current, double up lead)

  1. Tie in Larva Lace at back of hook and pull it out of the way
  2. Cover lead entirely with thread.
  3. Tie in your legs with a slight backswept look.
  4. Wrap Larva Lace to behind back legs and tie off.
  5. Tie in back wingcase in front of back legs.
  6.  Dub fly from front of back legs to just in front of front legs.
  7.  Tie in front wingcase in front of front legs.
  8.  Dub slightly over front wingcase to hide thread.
  9.  Wrap thread to form a head.
  10.   Whip finish head.
  11.   Super glue head liberally to make head shine and tie thread together.