Fly Patterns

Public Notice

You will notice on the fly pattern pages displayed on this site that I refer to a “Submitter” for each fly pattern. This reference simply gives credit to the person(s) that submits the fly pattern to this site. It is in no way intended to infringe upon the “ownership” or “Originator” of the fly pattern (the designer of the fly pattern). Should this issue become more prevalent, I will begin adding an “Originator” field to each fly pattern. Until then keep in mind that this site is a hobby of mine, and is meant to be a FREE resource for all who would use it. In the spirit of a “User Participation Site” I will continue to give credit to those who do participate. These patterns come from fly pattern books, friends, classes, and flies that we purchase and dismantle. It is the spirit of sharing that I wish to promote here.

Good fishing to you all…