Saltwater Leader Formulae

Saltwater Leader Formulae

9.5′ tapered

Tippet Size Tied Length
50 lb test 25″
40 lb test 20″
35 lb test 15″
30 lb test 15″
25 lb test 15″
20 lb test 12″
15 lb test 12″
submitted by: Bryant J. Cochran, Jr.
I have found this to work well on bone fish and permit(using a tippet then bite ((wire)) section last helps on sharp teeth and boney mouths. This is also good on tarpon. Remember!!! a shortish tippet in salt water is not going to spook the fish as much as is thought in fresh water trout fishing. I fly fish for almost any species and I have adopted the short as I can use effectively theory and found it to be a proof.

7′ – Dan’s Salt Leader

Tippet Size Tied Length
40 lb clear mono, or fleurocarbon 5′
20 lb fleurocarbon 2′
submitted by: George R. Liros
I use this leader for stripers and blues. It turns over well, and if I need wire, I just tie a small piece at the end. You can loop the ends or blood knot them

10′ – for Saltwater Redfish

Tippet Size Tied Length
60 lb test 6′
20 lb test 1′
15 lb test 1′
10 lb test 2′
submitted by: Don Baldwin
10 foot leader for 8wt.