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How to Buy Your Perfect Beginners Fly Fishing Rod

How to Buy Your Perfect Beginners Fly Fishing Rod

By Gordon Casada

If you are just starting out learning how to fly fish, I do not recommend investing a fortune on your fly fishing rod. Your best bet, is to start with a fishing combo that includes the rod, reel and matching fly line.

When choosing a beginners combo, you are looking for something that is not more than $200. You can now find one under this price in a number of places.

You can find them at large retail stores like Walmart, or Target. If you are on a fixed budget you can get one from there, but I would shy away from them. I have seen and used a few from Walmart, and they are just not that great.

The best place to look for a beginners fly fishing combo is in the local sporting goods stores. Look around your local area, and you can usually find combos ranging from $75 to $125.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a really cheap combo. They are hard to learn with, and you will get discouraged, and then you give up.

Cabela’s make some excellent basic combos, and you can find one ranging from $120 – $175. They are quite good for the price you pay. These rods are very responsive, and the line and reels are decent enough. I know of several friends who got their start with a Cabela just like this one.

Choosing the weight of the rod depends on where you are going to fish, and what size of fish you are going to catch. If you are going to fish for small trout (4-5 pounds) in streams. I would recommend you choose a 4 or 5 weight. If you are going for bigger fish, in a river or maybe in a lake. Choose a 6 weight, which will allow you to cast bigger flies, a farther distance.

Although I recommend starting with a basic Cabela’s combo, if you are on a budget, or you just want to try out fly fishing. Once you get started, you will almost immediately want to move onto some more serious equipment.

Gordon Casada has more than 6 years experience fishing all kinds of fish. His most recent hobby has been testing and reviewing the latest fly fishing books on the bookshelves.

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