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 Killroys Celebrates our 11 year Anniversary!
Join the celebration – Killroys.com celebrates 11 years of Fly Tying.  Next year will be our 11th year on the internet.  We will be having some great Fly Tying/Fly Fishing contests throughout the year.  Join us in the celebration!

 “FLY TYING. The technique of fastening various materials on a hook to suggest real or fancied flies, or other insects or food objects for the purpose of deceiving fish.”
                 A. McClane
                 The Wise Fishermen’s Encyclopedia, 1951

Article: Free Fly Tying Materials
Get creative and save some money.  Free fly tying materials are available to you if you take the time to look around. Read this latest Killroys Article   Click Here

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Fly Tying Wisdom Submission from  Brian A  bashbee@snet.net
I use film canisters to hold my hooks. the lid is labeled with the contents glued to the underside of the lid is a magnet. to retrieve a hook, turn over canister, remove lid and the hooks can be easily retrieved.