Fly Hook Comparison Chart – Partridge

General Use Partridge(A) Mustad(A) Tiemco(A) Daiichi(A) Orvis(A) Shank(1) Weight(2) Eye(3) Bend(4) Comment(5)
1 Wet Fly/Nymph A 1XS S TD SR
2 Streamer CS15 8XL S TD L
3 Streamer/Bucktail CS17 300 2340 JA1511 6XL 1XH TD S
4 Salmon/Steelhead CS2 80501BL 2XL S TDL L
5 Dry Fly/Nymph CS20 1XS 1XF TD SW Barbless
6 Dry Fly/Salmon/Steelhead CS42 1XL 1XF TDL L
7 Streamer CS5 7XL 2XH S P
8 Wet Fly/Nymph CS7MW S S TD PW
9 Streamer/Nymph D3ST 4XL 1XH S S
10 Streamer D4A AC79580/79580 2220 JA8808 4XL S TD P AC79580-Minibarb
11 Dry Fly/Nymph E1A 1XL 4XF TD S
12 Dry Fly/Nymph E4A S 4XF TD S
13 Dry Fly/Nymph E6A 1XS 4XF TD S
14 Wet Fly/Nymph G3A AC3906/3906 1550 JA167T S S TD S AC3906-Minibarb
15 Nymph GRS7MMB 3XLC S TU Y Curved Down
16 Dry Fly/Nymph H1A 94831 5212 1280 JA1638 2XL 2XF TD P
17 Wet Fly/Nymph J1A 3666 S S TD L
18 Nymph/Terrestrial/Hopper K12ST 80050BR 200R 1270 JA1510 3XLC S S Y Curved Down
19 Nymph/Emerger K14ST 2XLC S S Y
20 Dry Fly K1A 101 1110 JA4641 S 1XF SO PW Minibarb
21 Scud/Shrimp/Pupae/Worm K2B 1150 JA8891 1XS 1XH TU CW 1150-R
22 Scud/Shrimp/Pupae/Worm K4A 80200BR 1XS 2XH TD CW 80200BR-R
23 Swimming Nymph K6ST 80150BR 400T 1770 JA1512 3XLC 1XF S S Curved Up
24 Dry Fly/Nymph L2A/GRS2A 7948A S S TD P
25 Dry Fly L3A AC94840/94840 1170 S 1XF TD P AC94840-Minibarb
26 Dry Fly L3AY 94845 1190 JA1877 S 1XF TD P Barbless
27 Dry Fly L3B 94842 S 1XF TU P
28 Dry Fly L4A AC94833/94833 5230 S 3XF TD P AC94833-Minibarb
29 Wet Fly/Nymph MM1B 1XS S TU L
30 Bead Head Wet Fly/Nymph MM2A 1XS S TD PW
31 Wet Fly/Nymph SH1 3769 S 2XH TD S
32 Wet Fly/Nymph SH2 700 1XL 1XH TD L
33 Streamer/Nymph SH3 3XL S TD S

(A) Where more than one hook style is listed, all sizes may not be available in all listed styles. The size range given spans all styles listed.
(1) S=Std; XS=Extra Short; XL=Extra Long; C=Curved; D=Bent Down; U=Bent Up
(2) S=Standard; XF=Extra Fine; XH=Extra Heavy
(3) TD=Turned Down; TU=Turned Up; S=Straight/Ringed; F=Flat/Eyed; L=Loop; O=Oversize; U=Undersize
(4) A=Aberdeen; C=Continuous; L=Limerick; O=O’Shaughnessy; P=Perfect/Round; S=Sproat; Y=York; W=Wide Gap; R=Reversed Offset Bend
(5) R=Reversed Offset Bend